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Nicolas Cage as Sorcerer?!

29 Jun

I didn’t know about this movie until now— the special effects are to look forward to, check it out.


Posh Movie: A Single Man

10 May

Directed by Tom Ford. Posh. That explains it all.

Photo Credit: witneyman

Set in 70s era, I think the fab-est in fashion, the chic-est men were born in this time. Tom Ford did a great job interpreting the novel, not mannered-manner, but in something that would leave you thinking, still using your imagination.

Very nice casting, leaving you in a Tom-Ford-awe. The movie was like a catwalk.

Photo Credit: sundaymercury
Nicholas Hoult’s blue eyes would melt you.
Photo Credit: screencraze
Momma Julia’s look defined the women of 70s

To see the official trailer click here.

Jenny from the block is funny

8 May
Photo Credit: freesillymovies
She’s really good at it, from “The Wedding Planner’ to
‘Maid in Manhattan’ to ‘Monster-in-Law’ to ‘The Back-up Plan’.
Good throw of lines, witty jokes, well not witty, sounds witty, right timing
 mix of drama, but still funny. Good pair. Good settings.

I want my own Toothless

8 May
Photo Credit: freesillymovies
Nice story of how one thing could go the other way, because of misunderstanding,
or not understanding each other at all. Movie is for pet lovers, LOL.
I can’t comment about the CG though, (you know why).
The start of the movie was kind of boring-y, but when ‘Night Fury’ or Toothless came in,
it became interesting. 

New Sci-Fi Thriller: Splice

12 Apr

Really freaky, but super nice, hmm makes me really curious of what they do in labs?

Robert Pattinson is Georges Duroy

31 Mar

After stumbling upon Kellan the other day, now it’s Robert Pattison. R. Pattinson actually had numbers of movies which I have yet to see. His career moves so fast that I can’t keep up with all the movies he stars. Haven’t seen Little Ashes as he plays the artist Salvador Dali, of course not at all able to see Remember Me too, and now, Bel Ami, which is an adaptation of a French novel by Guy de Maupassan.

Photo Credit: Uhmm forgot. Sorry.

He is rather very fit with these kinds of movies, as his beauty suggest not that of a vampire, but a more classic period man, plus take on that accent. He looks dashingly like from those eras.

War of the Gods

30 Mar
Photo credit:
Kellan Lutz, after being a vampire then a sea-god?!

His career is looking good, ei? Twilight to CK underwear, to being a sea-god Poseidon. I wonder who’s going to play the ever playboy Zeus?