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To Little Tokyo We Fly

29 Jun

As part of my ‘Slow Day’ date, from GB3’s CBTL, Eds dragged us (me and Cara, Tokyo virgins) to Little Tokyo, somewhere in Makati. And viola, here it is— delicious authentic Japanese food!

Eds and Cara

Eds and Cara eenieminie minie moo?!

The waitresses, were kind and jolly, the ambiance is, well obviously very Japanese— a bit to drab-by, because of the post-rain-feel.



(Onomakoyaki) This one is really tasteful, sweet, salty, but still balanced— the stuffing inside tasted fresh, crunchy squid, egg is not overly cooked, even though it is on a hot plate— good that it is on a hot plate, it keeps it warm.

Very sulit, with all the food and ambiance of an authentic Japanese— Tokyo style experience— definitely I will comeback for more!

By the way I don’t usually like eating raw food, but this time— I ate Tuna and Salmon, mostly Tuna— it is juicy and it doesn’t have that fishy taste.

Salmon and Tuna

Salmon and Tuna

This one is something a plate of 3?! or choice of three, but we opted to have two Tunas instead of having other sea creature there.


Go Gogi Gui! Meating the Stars

8 May
We all know (well if you have read my blog) about my meat issues, the cube cuts, especially. The last meat quest was Coco Adobo— pork stew. And then my aunt prepared a taste drive for her Korean grill recipes— Korean grill which suggest lots of marinated meat (like beef, pork and chicken), hmm, well I can tell you it’s worth the cheat (or no not cheat because I am not vegan, just of sort).

Most of the dishes were out, prepared on the table; Kong-Kongs were eating already (and heard that they never left the table) and from my first glimpse of the food prepared— I thought to myself— I am a dead meat. LOL. Not in that bad sense okay, it’s just because there’s so much food, it was overwhelming.

When we were all rested in our respective seats, our first course (which was not appetizer, the taste drive only goes straight to main, and we love main dish) were placed for us to devour. I refrain from taking the pork and instead took the chicken barbeque—

The chicken is the better version of that one in Mang Inasal Bacolod, maybe because the chicken wasn’t commercial— a choice cut. It doesn’t have those annoying little bones and litid that interrupts your juicy munch of the mix dulcet taste and smoke from the burnt marinade. I enjoyed one and left the other so I can stuff myself with other delectable.

Okay, here’s a very revealing thing— okay not revealing (I am doing the advertising copywriting again), but yeah, I guess this made me see beef in a new perspective (but I highly doubt that it would be a staple to my un-healthy-healthy-diet)
Meet the Korean beef stew— hmm, sweet killers, sweet with little kick, but I’ll tell you about the MEAT, meat the beef, soft that with every bite it melts (figuratively and literally) and as it does you can taste its sweet and spicy mix, with the sesame aroma to add to your appetite.

It’s rich in taste but doesn’t really make you that fullmore of still light because of the pressurized beef that made it luscious and the blissful smell.

Talking about blissful, here’s my bliss. LOL. Squid Chopsuey, it’s light, fresh, easy to eat, savoury flavours of soy, and sesame.
I think squids are tricky, I’ve had squids that are gummy and they really mess the dish. This one just had the right bite for the squid and crunch for the veggies.

The last dish that we have devoured was the Sukiyaki— YATA!

—Supposed to be, but no, it needs a little hmm, editing with the butter gisa or sauté, but nevertheless the beef with it is a munch, it looks healthy, and it supposed to taste light but with that butter mass and of course the egg adds up to the saltiness (emulsifier).

Dinner at Kai Neo-Japanese Cuisine with Chef Anton

8 Oct
After a boring day at home, decided to text Anton and see what we can do for the rest of the day. Knowing Anton, we end up planning a spontaneous dinner (plan and spontaneous — ironic). He gave me options either, as Anton texted it, “Kahit saan lol your choice” (Anywhere, LOL, your choice) or Zenses Neo- Shanghai Cuisine in A.Venue, Makati Ave. or Kai Neo- Japanese Cuisine at Greenbelt 5, Makati. I settled with KAI— because of the Dragon Roll I saw at OAP‘s blog entry.
I forgot to reserve us a table, so we were asked if it’s okay with us to seat at the sushi bar:
We were not told that we will experience or rather witness— action at its finest. Delectable food being plated infront of us, while being served to other tables was heartbreaking, but nevertheless we surely enjoyed our own course:
Dragon Rolls, perfect blend of elements, no fish-y taste, all yummy goodness of fresh Unagi.
Portobello Mushroom Confit Salad with Maple Ponzu Vinaigrette,
nice texture of the Portobello Mushroom compliments the greens,
with rightly drizzled vinaigrette makes it more appetizing.
Sauteed Strips of Kobe Beef, Quial egg, Japanese rice, and Maple Ponzu. You will die after you smell the enchanting aroma of truffle oil, and turn into ashes after your first bite of the uber tender kobe beef with tasteful marinade, that stays in your buds. Nice touch with the quial eggs and caviar.
All-in-all, a good dish, just missed with the rice— they placed a steamed one, but I think — it’s already good with just plain rice, so that flavors won’t clash.
10 Hours Buta Kakuni “Braised Pork Belly”.
Imagine a thick slice of meat— poked easily with a regular chopstick. Super soft— 10 hours?! It’s a secret we need to discover.
Okay! And for our dessert— which was, again, assembled infront of us:
Banana Nutella Harumaki.
Kai’s version of banana split— well for me even better, I love the presentation! Plating! Wuhoo!
Nice play with the Sesame Fillo, love the crispy like texture.
Trio of Creme Brulee.
Sampling of chocolate, citrus and green tea flavored creme brulee.
Ofcourse, it’s rich and creamy—
Sweet tooths ready for your new ultimate craving— green tea creme brulee!
Here are some of the dishes we were lucky to witness:
PS. plates have really nice designs:
Visit KAI Neo-Japanese Cuisine and experience Japanese food with a twist— at the sushi bar or not.
KAI Neo Japanese Cuisine
Unit 1-112 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone: +632 75705209 to 10

Sushi Mi, Sushi You

6 Oct
Went to Fort, Outcomm office to get my last pay and sign some papers. Met with Mon, took a little stroll and then boom, it’s almost 1p.m. and we’re supposed to be at Ton’s 11-12.

Stay at Anton’s place— be cooked Lasagna Veggie! and prepared Souffle:

Okay, sorry about the picture. Forgot to take a picture of the actual food,
but you see, you can get the idea here, empty— meaning. Yeah you got it right.

So, then the purpose of meeting at Anton’s was to talk about sugar— well, it was actually to end it and realize that it’s just too big, that ends the journey of the sugar, but I think not.

We then talked about internet marketing, programming, what-the-stuff, etc..(Let me write a separate entry about that)

Richmond went out to do cosmetology (Galvanic Spa) and I stayed behind to cheer Anton up, but I think I failed. I notice him yawn a few (okay many) times, the best way to cheer him is to bring him to—, LOL.

Then, we (upon Mon’s need—request) went to SM Mall of Asia, to buy stuff for his new Sony Vaio laptop! (Wuhoo! Rich kid)

It was supposed to be Cafe Ysabel (Isabel) for dinner but Anton saw this Japanese resto (Sakae Sushi) with an all day sushi buffet. You judge what happened to us:

There’s the rotating thing, with the plates of sushi on it.
Okay, I don’t know the name so we’ll just call it: Sushi bar
It’s very tasty, I think it has mashed fish with the rice and some mayo. And it’s deep fried. LOL
Anton chopsticking his first!
Look how the master chef plunges his sushi
on the well blended condiments/ sauce
(Sushi sauce, some pinkish Ginger, Wasabi)
Okay this is my favorite! Mr. Cani Crab on a green plate!
Table chaos!
Tuna sushi?!with sesame seeds.
Richmond (Mon, Monching, Moning, Mon-ster, Hiro) munching on his nth sushi.
Look how fast those chopsticks move.
Tuna sushi also?! It’s fish, so I guessed it’s tuna or salmon.
Unless it’s tilapya?
Cute bite size Cani Crab sushi! Looks like mini bazooka.
Speaking of bazooka! This one is nakakasuka (vomit). No one wants to eat. It has cucumber, cani, okay this is the worst thing on the sushi menu ever, it has a stinky smell and the cucumber has this hard bits (almost broke my steel tooth)
This one is– heaven (less that green thing again, cucumber I guess),
tofu strip, cani, fish eggs?! caviar?! and that cheese like strip inside.
There are more plates, this is not all of it. I promise you.
With Anton and Richmond’s appetite they can close down the whole resto.
Me trying to put the whole thing, okay maybe not trying, but Mon can do it!
The Surviving the Japanese Game Show! Hiro Challenge.
More of this video when net is working properly.
Anton VO: Matakaw si Mon (Mon has a big appetite/ Mon is starving to death. LOL)
Oh my gad! Hindi tao! (Not human, in short mon-ster)
Kinayanan mo yun? (You finished it?/ You’re unbelievable!)
Mon VO: (Still munching on two sushis) Wala na? (Is there more?/No more?/I want more!)
Anton (left), plates (middle) and Mon (right)
All Day Sushi Buffet Everyday!
Sakae Sushi
2nd Floor, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
Buffet Rates:
Adult PhP399.00
Senior PhP299.00
Kids (8years old below) PhP199.00
with Free Miso Soup and a choice of Hot or Cold green tea.

A Day with Jillilah

25 Sep

After a busy day at Jill’s office, we headed to Shangri-La Plaza to spend her gift cheque from Crossing Department Store. Well, here’s what happened:

Jill frustrated while choosing her kind of style and size. And budget?!
And then after 3 shoes, finally!
Viola! Isn’t it a beauty. Ala, Prada, really nice heels, and it’s not-so-expensive price tag.
And then we were both hungry, so we ate at Kimono Ken. It’s only my second time eating there, but their Gyoza didn’t fail me. Jill ate this (it’s more colorful compared to my Gyoza so it deserves the shot):