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To Little Tokyo We Fly

29 Jun

As part of my ‘Slow Day’ date, from GB3’s CBTL, Eds dragged us (me and Cara, Tokyo virgins) to Little Tokyo, somewhere in Makati. And viola, here it is— delicious authentic Japanese food!

Eds and Cara

Eds and Cara eenieminie minie moo?!

The waitresses, were kind and jolly, the ambiance is, well obviously very Japanese— a bit to drab-by, because of the post-rain-feel.



(Onomakoyaki) This one is really tasteful, sweet, salty, but still balanced— the stuffing inside tasted fresh, crunchy squid, egg is not overly cooked, even though it is on a hot plate— good that it is on a hot plate, it keeps it warm.

Very sulit, with all the food and ambiance of an authentic Japanese— Tokyo style experience— definitely I will comeback for more!

By the way I don’t usually like eating raw food, but this time— I ate Tuna and Salmon, mostly Tuna— it is juicy and it doesn’t have that fishy taste.

Salmon and Tuna

Salmon and Tuna

This one is something a plate of 3?! or choice of three, but we opted to have two Tunas instead of having other sea creature there.


Tea Fight 斗茶

2 Jan
A wave movie (Japan and Taiwan):
Starring Vic Zhou (F4), Chun-ning Chang (White Tower),
Teruyuki Kagawa, Erika Toda.
Photo Credit: Taiwan Cinema
I got to watch Tea Fight, a Japanese/Taiwanese film with Vic Zhou. It has an extraordinary story, I didn’t even know that there was such a story about the tea. That’s what I am talking about (regarding Mano Po 6) creating a visually and deep literary piece out of some very simple thing such as that of our tea.
The watercolored?!animation at the opening scene has a nice feel— “ancient-y” yet new?! (you get the feel that they are telling an ancient story because of its color but it’s crisp in terms of rendering) and you know that it’s Japan who made it.
Dad: Pagtapos mo manuod nyan gusto mo na mag tea fight.
After seeing the movie, I want a tea fight, but before that I want to go back to Hong Kong and learn how to prepare a tea ceremony, or do we have it here in PH? I also want to try that Oolong tea— (di masarap sabi ng tatay ko)— I have had Jasmine and the regular green green tea— oh! I also want a Lotus Tea— looks nice— like magic.