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I Die, dios ko dayd.

29 Jun

I want his bag! pero parang wag na lang I remember it’s heavy, but it is nice to look at.


George Craig of Burberry

27 Dec

Roro! Here’s the guy you were asking me about. He’s George Craig, lead singer of the band, One Night Only and he also yeah modeled for burberry prorsum fall winter 2009 and spring summer 2010.

Photo credit: 00o00

He was also named as British’ top 50 best dressed men in 2009. Cool, huh?!


23 Jan
I love the look of the Burberry Prorsum Fall/ Winter 09. Very dandy vampire like. Complements the hair color of the model.
I love the nifty sexy bag (portfolio) the man is carrying on the runway, it would be nice to carry one to the office, but not so nice if it will be drag on the MRT’s chaotic atmosphere.