Glow by SNMC

sweetnothingsSweetNothings Marketing Corporation (SNMC) fueled by its mission to change the lifestyle and perception of healthy living, is introducing a full range of sweet healthy products for everybody.

Under the brand name Glow — (from the product’s main feature of having a low glycemic index of 35 came in— G.I. Low to G-low to Glow)comes Glow Coconut Sugar: in 200g, 500g and 50g box (5g/sachets); Glow Coconut Syrup in a 400ml bottle.

glow coconut sugar

Glow Coconut Sugar is harvested from organically grown coconut palms in Davao Oriental and produce thru recommended procedures by Philippine Coconut Authority-XI.

Coco sugar is produced by natural process of heat evaporation with no preservatives added. Other product that can be derived from coconut sap is coconut syrup, which also has the same nutritional contents.

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